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We are a community of entrepreneurial-minded women redefining the meaning of work so we can live passionately, creatively, and bravely as Agents of Good. 

We believe work isn’t a career. 
It’s how you find and make meaning in this world.

This is a community of women that brings tools, resources, emotional and spiritual support to help you merge who you are with the work that you do and grow your business, all to serve the greater good.

Outside this community, we host in-person events large and small, international retreats and an annual conference in Los Angeles. With each gathering we host, our goal is to connect women like you to other like-minded women, brands, and leaders who are using their gifts, skills and talents to make the world a better place.

If that sounds like you, hello! You've found your people!


The very very best part about what we do is YOU. Our community. The women who make up this space are some of the most amazing women we've ever met. Women who are working for a purpose, their work isn't just a career to them. It's how they find and make meaning in the world. 

This is the space to connect, get advice, access to local meetups, volunteer opportunities, and share tools, resources, and thoughts with these women.

Are you signed up to come to one of our events? Connect with attendees and keep in touch here! Have you attended an event in the past and would love to keep your inspiration going and continue to meet new like-minded women? This is the place to do it. Do you live far away and feel disconnected from anyone who thinks remotely like you? Here's the space to get the encouragement you've been craving. Are you interested in getting access to different tools, resources, and leaders to help you along your entrepreneurial journey as an agent of good? Bam. You're here.

If any of this sounds like you, try us out for a free 1-week trial. If you like what's happening around here, stick around! If you realize it's not your thing, no worries. You can cancel anytime. Can't wait to meet you!

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